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Fabric Stash Annihilation

In an effort to really get all of my sewing stuff squozen (yes, I understand that’s not actually a word; but it should be) into my little sewing closet; I’ve decided to take quite a historically different and ground-breaking approach … Continue reading

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My sewing closet is finally finished! So, in this house with limited rooms, I converted the coat closet into a sewing room (by “I”, I mean Dave) when we moved in but this week I actually put the finishing touches … Continue reading

Bus Stop Hand Warmers!

I made the kids these cute hand warmers with some fabric scraps and filled them with rice. They warm up in the microwave for about 30 seconds and then the kids put them in their pockets at the bus stop. … Continue reading

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Teacher Gifts and New Skirts!

I’m not even going to bring up the fact that I haven’t blogged since Valentine’s Day…wait… Never mind. Anyway, it’s not for lack of making. Plus, there was this brief interlude: That’s me in the orange! No, really. Here’s my … Continue reading

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Sewing and sewing

Beware, this is an iPhone post with only phone pics… So, after a good solid year of hardcore crochet, I am now in the midst of a long awaited sewing frenzy that began recently with finishing these… And continued with … Continue reading

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Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk I Spy Placemat Quilts

Look what I made!!! I’m so excited about these because they are technically my very first real quilts that are made following all the traditional quilt construction rules and everything! That’s kind of a big deal for me because I … Continue reading

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Teeny Tiny Felted Needle Book

I had some scraps of wool yarn that I didn’t want to waste, so I made a teeny tiny felted needle book and I really love how cute it is… Plus, I have all these super cute little antique glass … Continue reading

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How to shorten cardigan sleeves…

So we were staying at a B&B in Maryland for friends’ wedding and there was a Real Simple magazine in our room from like five years ago (no joke) and it had this article about sprucing up your wardrobe by … Continue reading

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Tablecloth Dress

So I had this vintage tablecloth that Mom gave me quite a while back and I used it all the time like a real tablecloth…as in, on the table, eating, with kids, constantly. Anyway, after a few years, it was … Continue reading

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