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I have a new website!

So, I just linked this blog that you’re reading here, up with my new website! My website is called Modern Making and it’s kind of a way for me to feel a little more organized about my creative endeavors because … Continue reading

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Happy January!

This is what I saw as I was walking out my front door this morning to walk the girls to school. It’s a phone pic (btw, my Nikon is mysteriously out of commission for the time being so it’s phone … Continue reading

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Quick Vintage Estate Sale Quilts!

So, I found two quilt tops at an estate sale near Seattle not too long ago and was instantly in love with them for several reasons; first, because they are completely completed quilt tops (the hard part is done!!!); second, … Continue reading

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Fabric Stash Annihilation

In an effort to really get all of my sewing stuff squozen (yes, I understand that’s not actually a word; but it should be) into my little sewing closet; I’ve decided to take quite a historically different and ground-breaking approach … Continue reading

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My sewing closet is finally finished! So, in this house with limited rooms, I converted the coat closet into a sewing room (by “I”, I mean Dave) when we moved in but this week I actually put the finishing touches … Continue reading

Long time, no post…

So, I guess I can say that I’m consistent at being inconsistent, right? Is there any scenario where that’s a good quality and not a character flaw? I don’t have any excuses for not blogging in 11 months. Actually, I … Continue reading

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Canning Jar Ring Wreath Ornament

Warning: The following photos were taken indoors with terrible lighting because it is COLD today. Super cold. And I’m not saying that I am; but I could still be in some form of jammies, and if that’s the case, am … Continue reading

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Bus Stop Hand Warmers!

I made the kids these cute hand warmers with some fabric scraps and filled them with rice. They warm up in the microwave for about 30 seconds and then the kids put them in their pockets at the bus stop. … Continue reading

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Super Fun Crochet Bean Bags!

Cute right? This is a super easy pattern for fun bean bags that the kids can use for hop scotch and a kid friendly version of the corn hole game. Here’s the whole pattern and then there are more detailed … Continue reading

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Crochet Some Summertime Flip Flop Coasters!

Below, I put together a heavily photo laden tutorial on how to make these cute coasters; but if you just want the quick pattern, here it is: Note: This pattern is worked in rows with an edging and a surface … Continue reading

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