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Fabric Stash Annihilation

In an effort to really get all of my sewing stuff squozen (yes, I understand that’s not actually a word; but it should be) into my little sewing closet; I’ve decided to take quite a historically different and ground-breaking approach … Continue reading

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My sewing closet is finally finished! So, in this house with limited rooms, I converted the coat closet into a sewing room (by “I”, I mean Dave) when we moved in but this week I actually put the finishing touches … Continue reading

House stuff

I’ve been doing some things around this house lately, like paper organizing and minor gardening for lazy beginners. And I actually found all the parts to my camera and replaced the parts that were “lost in the move” and remembered … Continue reading

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We made it!

We made it all the way from Fredericksburg to Seattle this weekend and are finally figuring out how to move forward a tiny bit. The trip was as expected for the most part. We left last Sunday and arrived Friday … Continue reading

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One day to move

So the past week or so has been hard core moving…packing,loading, cleaning, crying, fixing, getting rid of, deciding, Christmas, more loading, hoping, planning, more cleaning, more fixing, painting… Oh, and BTW, we have too much stuff. This was when I … Continue reading

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Eight days to move

This is really happening. And so many sad and tearful goodbyes and hugs today…the farm (again); the school omg. One of the girls’ poor teacher was trapped in her classroom alone with the girls and me after school, all three … Continue reading

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Ten Days to Move

So, here we are with ten days to go. I’ve been packing for three straight days and every time I run out of boxes, someone I love brings me more and I get sad again about leaving such good people … Continue reading

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Thirteen days to move…

If you ever have to do this, I suggest taking a day to wrap your head around it all and possibly have a drink or two or a bottle of wine. Then get something to write with and start making … Continue reading

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How to make a cross-country move with two weeks notice…

Yep. Two weeks. Virginia to Washington. Two kids two dogs two cars two weeks. Step one… …it’s not like we’re going to take it with us. Seriously though, I don’t actually know how to do this. I’m no stranger to … Continue reading

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More Christmas Preparation…

We got the tree decorated, the lights up, and the rest of the decorations placed about…Yay! Side note – for some reason, every year, when we get the tree decorations out, I always have some type of ‘issue’ with garland … Continue reading

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