Crochet Slippers!

So, I LOVE slippers – always have – wear them all the time – winter, summer…doesn’t matter. So, why have I not attempt to crochet slippers??? Two reasons…first, the only cute ones I see are built for babies and second, I don’t want to mess with sizing and gauging…seriously, I can’t be bothered. And that is why I was super excited when I gave these guys a second look because they are for adults, and sizing is not an issue; which means that I am now borderline obsessed with making these guys (Junie B. Jones is making me say “guys” when referring to inanimate objects, btw).

I came upon them in a roundabout way whilst perusing my favorite new iphone app – Craftgawker. Unfortunately, I can’t find a direct link to the original posting of them on Craftgawker, but if you enter the Craftgawker site and search “crochet slippers”, they come up fairly close to the top of the page. Here is a direct link to the All About Ami blog post that was linked to Craftgawker, where I first laid eyes upon them. She had used and made a few changes to the original free slipper pattern and tutorial here from The Little House by the Sea blog.

In keeping with the do-it-yourself model, I too made some changes after making All About Ami’s version (since I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want the straps). I worked hers up and tried them on for a bit and then decided to add another row just around the sides and back to make them feel a bit more secure on my feet.

Now, as you can see, I am making a whole bunch of them! I was also able to make a pair for each of the girls (ages 4 & 6), which fit them perfectly without any re-sizing hassle. For those, to get the sizing right, I simply used a G hook instead of an H and I subtracted a total of two rows from the sole. I skipped one of the 8 stitch rows and one of the 10 stitch rows. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn for theirs, which is just a smidge smaller than the regular worsted weight yarns I used for the others. I think those simple three changes makes a great set for little feet (approximate size range: 9 – 13).

I’m not totally decided on embellishments yet…I haven’t put anything on mine and have already been wearing them like crazy. The girls were set on “roses” for theirs so that’s what they got (I used another pattern I saw via Craftgawker here for the roses (the original rose pattern is a Lion Brand Yarn pattern that is free on their site, but you have to register and sign in, etc. to access it)). I still need to figure out what I want to do to embellish the adult gift slippers I’ll be making…I made up a sort of crochet button on one pair but I’m not totally sold on it…

The girls and I will be getting more yarn tomorrow because of course one pair just won’t do and they will be selecting their colors this time. Plus, I have mother’s day and May birthdays to think about…

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8 Responses to Crochet Slippers!

  1. admin says:

    I cut my yarn and restarted at one of the front corners and went around to the other front corner, placing a single crochet in each stitch. Since then though, I realized that the original pattern called for three more rows all the way around at the end (without decreasing) and I actually made a pair for a friend that way and prefer them. If I were making more, I would go to 9 rounds at the end (3-6 are the decrease rounds and 7-9 are the same number if stitches around). I hope this makes sense. I’m glad you like them!

  2. Barb says:

    So how do u add the Xtra rows on just the sides and back? Love these. Thanks

  3. admin says:

    Those are really cute slippers…I’ve been wanting to make something hexy…thanks for sharing the pattern link!

  4. Lianne says:

    I recently made some hexagon slippers, more socks really. But I really like them! Here’s the pattern from Ravelry:
    But I’m definatly gonna try and make these :)
    Love from Holland

  5. admin says:

    Maybe it’s time for a new pair then…?!

  6. admin says:

    You should totally try again with this pattern then because I didn’t have to gauge anything…in fact that’s kind of my deal with crochet patterns – if I have to gauge it, I know it’s not the pattern for me. If you use a plain old inexpensive worsted weight acrylic yarn, the slippers come out plenty stretchy to fit all average size feet and if you add the extra row around the sides and back, they will stay secure on your feet. Also, I love this pattern because it’s all one piece and all single crochet = easy!

  7. Aww these are super cute! I tried to make a pair once but they didn’t fit right (I’m not good about gauge with crochet lol).

  8. Amber H says:

    I love these!! My sister made me a pair of crocheted slippers for Christmas and I have already worn a hole through them. :( Very sad. I might have to give these a try. Oh and my sister also felted mine and it looked really cute. Maybe something you could try. Glad your posting again. Missed you.

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