Sewing and sewing

Beware, this is an iPhone post with only phone pics… So, after a good solid year of hardcore crochet, I am now in the midst of a long awaited sewing frenzy that began recently with finishing these…


And continued with some nursery decor things i made up for a friend’s baby last week for which I am sans pictures. Except for one… If you ever end up with a huge stuffed animal net that was designed to fit in a corner, but what you really wanted was a cute small one that will work with just two hooks instead of three; simply cut a small opening in the casing and insert elastic all the way around. Once you’ve gathered it up to the size you want and secured the elastic into one big loop within the casing, cover the casing with cute fabric. The one I did was a huge triangle, but ended up like a more manageable size hammock and I was able to leave two of the original grommets exposed for easy hanging. (Wow, enough about that.)


That fabric matches the valences I made for the nursery. And yes, that is the messy combination sewing and play room which is seemingly still working out.

The sewing continued with two knitting needle cases in two days. One was an experiment (thank god) and the other, a gift for a friend…


As I’m sewing up these small, simple, satisfying projects; I have to wonder…what in the world was I waiting for???

I’m reminded how fast sewing is (but actually not really that fast when there’s washing of fabric and straightening and cutting and arranging all taking place before the actual sewing; but still).

Suddenly, I have about a million projects on a running list (what’s new, right?). And part of the reason is because I have some relatively new and some long lost/recently found friends who are sewing right along with me, which is really cool.

Plus, there are like a billion wonderful patterns and ideas for sewing out there. I’ve got a whole new batch of books from the library too :)

Here are some things I’ve worked on this week, specifically in preparation for school being out soon.

Apple jackets for the whole kindergarten class…


A new sleeping bag for the kindergarten class bear who has a sleepover with each of the kids throughout the year…



Here is what I’m working on for the kindergarten teacher gift…


Next, I’ll be whipping up some girly bathroom accessories (including a shower curtain!) out of all this…


Anyway…happy sewing!

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    Welcome to the dark side! :-)

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