Red Heart Shimmer Yarn Projects…


I suppose it’s a good thing to break from our personal norms from time to time, which I’ve done of late…

I’m currently riding a crochet wave where I’ve set aside my cottons for some Red Heart Shimmer yarn. It’s very soft and a little bit sparkly and a tad bit on the sportier yarn weight side I think. Anyway, I like it.

I just made that wavy blanket up there as a baby gift for a boy. (I was inspired by the ripple pattern here.) The colors aren’t true on the iPhone pic, but the turquoise, red, and black are really nice together (I like it for a girl too). Makes me think of roller derby :).


Then, I made this little number from a free pattern on the Red Heart website that I modified a fair amount. (Nixed the turtle neck; increased some of the rounds for sizing; increased some of the chain counts on most of the ruffles to make them lay down a little better.).

I found the pattern and asked them both if they would like one. The youngest said “no way” (didn’t see that coming); and the oldest said “of course” and when asked if she would prefer it as a skirt, she said “are you kidding?” who are these kids?

I like this pattern and I’m confident I could easily modify it into a skirt pretty easily as well, which I’m pretty sure is what I secretly want for myself since I keep bringing it up. …may need to tone down the color scheme a bit…

I got a thumbs up when it was finished :).


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2 Responses to Red Heart Shimmer Yarn Projects…

  1. admin says:

    Thank you thank you thank you. I think of you everyday and you inspire me even when you don’t know you’re doing it.

  2. hayla says:

    I haven’t looked at your blog in a while. I have been having some major crafting block for several months now and figured looking would either make me jealous or inspire me into action. I am glad I got some rest because all this stuff is FANTASTIC! There will be some new coasters in the house before the week is out. The photos and instructions are really well done. And those candy corn!! So, so cute. And then that poncho! I have a half finished one for myself somewhere in the craft room, which remains unpacked, since early summer when we switched rooms. That blue ruffle is gorgeous. Very nicely done.

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