Canning Jar Ring Wreath Ornament

Warning: The following photos were taken indoors with terrible lighting because it is COLD today. Super cold. And I’m not saying that I am; but I could still be in some form of jammies, and if that’s the case, am not willing to go outside…


I have been using the new plastic jar lids for freezing things like jam and sauce in jars and now have an abundance of unused metal rings for sealing canning jars.


They don’t store well in a small kitchen with limited cupboard space and are super annoying when doing anything besides that which they were specifically designed. So, in an effort to get them out of my kitchen, I made them into cute little holiday decorations with a little crochet, ribbon and a dab of glue.


They do make me smile and are really easy and fast to make. I used two strands of kitchen cotton yarn and a larger hook, like a ‘J’ maybe…and single crocheted all the way around. I did 25 or so stitches around the regular size rings and about 30 stitches around the wide mouth rings. It really doesn’t matter as long as you like how it looks. I don’t mind having a sliver of the metal showing through here and there.


When I have gotten all the way around, I just slip stitch to the first single crochet and weave the ends in on the back side. (I crocheted over the top of the beginning tail so there was no need to weave that end in.)


When the crochet is finished, just make a little bow with ribbon and glue in place.


You can add a string for hanging or a wire ornament hook. Old rusted lids would be great for this project too.


If you made a bunch, it would be a cute kitchen window garland for the holidays…which puts them right back where they started; or, for pun’s sake, brings them full circle…

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