Peanut Butter Balls…

We made peanut butter balls tonight.

dsc02934These are easy to make and it’s easy to remember how.  Mix equal parts honey, peanut butter, and powdered milk.  (If you use real peanut butter that separates, use a little more powdered milk and a little less honey so it won’t be too soupy.)  Form into small balls, lay them out in a pan to set in the freezer until they’re firm.  Then transfer to freezer containers.

dsc02937They make a good, easy snack.  I just take a couple out and leave them on the counter until they’re soft enough to eat.  If you’re in a hurry, you can microwave them for a few seconds.  I love all things dairy, sugar, and peanut butter, so they’re one of my favorites and there are a lot worse things we could be snacking on…

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