We made it!

We made it all the way from Fredericksburg to Seattle this weekend and are finally figuring out how to move forward a tiny bit. The trip was as expected for the most part. We left last Sunday and arrived Friday evening. The weather was pretty good as it appears we dodged a huge winter storm in the mid and east.


We were able to spent a little time with good friends along the way.

We are so lucky to have friends in various places who are more than happy to drop everything and put us up for a night.


I discovered that I don’t take pictures when I’m cold. And I was cold for most of the trip. Negative 2 was the lowest I saw according to the car.

The kids were awesome travelers and did not complain a single time the whole time. Seriously. Not even any whining. And we were in the car for 12 hours; 16 hrs; 8 hrs…a lot of potential for complaining. We don’t even have car movies.


Only car troubles included getting an oil change in Butte and having the driver side mirror vandalized to death in Sioux city. I like to think it was a drunken parking lot roundhouse kick that was poorly executed, but apparently effective, with a beer in hand and a possible lost shoe. You can imagine, since it was New Year’s Eve and all.

We are here. All in one piece. Sad to leave; happy to arrive. We made it!

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  1. Amber says:

    I am not a crier. Your blog today made my eyes sweat. Darn blog. We miss you guys tons. So glad you made it there safely. Now, I have to go watch some Homestar Runner and his L’il Brudder. . .

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