Happy January!


This is what I saw as I was walking out my front door this morning to walk the girls to school. It’s a phone pic (btw, my Nikon is mysteriously out of commission for the time being so it’s phone pics for a while) but it’s sooooo pretty with the water and the snow and the mountains and the sun…love it here. Love it.

Wow… It’s been so long since I’ve done this; I kind of feel like I don’t remember how… But I will certainly give it the ol’ college try. I’ve made so many changes over the last six months or so…schedule changes, work changes, creative changes, and new stuff like house projects and hobby projects have also begun. I am going to try to catch it all up here and then move forward with much less time between blog posts; mostly just to maintain my own sanity because this is kind of how I lay it all out and keep things straight in my brain.

In fact, one of my schedule changes includes making Thursdays my special catch up on all my bloggy online crafty business stuff day. I’m very excited about that because time seems to be my greatest challenge. And now that I’m working a lot of the time, it’s been even worse trying to manage time to do the things I like to do. But, alas, I am here, actually doing it. It’s the first 2016 Thursday for me stuff and I plan to keep it going throughout the year. I did something smart and actually left the house to do this so I wouldn’t get distracted by dogs and dishes and laundry. Here’s where I am right now. See how quickly I got distracted by dogs anyway?


I took this because the dogs were displaying such cute body language. The little bull dog is sulking because she is tied to a chair and the other one is trying desperately to get her attention. I’m entertained by nearly anything right now. So, here I am doing my Thursday thing. On with the updates…

Remember my sewing closet?!

Well, we’ve had a bit of a change around the house… Don’t get me wrong; I loved my sewing closet while it lasted and it served me well, but we saw an opportunity with that space that I know will serve the entire family even better and hopefully forever. So, I gutted the sewing closet that was originally a coat closet. And it basically looked just like it did before the sewing closet project began.


And my sewing set up is now in the basement.


The kids are upset that I’ve taken over “their play space” with all my sewing crap but honestly, they’ve both been sewing their butts off down there so I’m not convinced.

So, you may be wondering what all the fuss was about…?

This is a photo I found on Pinterest. I actually tore this very page out of a Real Simple magazine years ago, before Pinterest was a thing; when we creative types tore pages out of magazines (which is basically Pinterest 1.0, right?). Anyway, I still have this torn out magazine page and it’s taped up on the wall next to the old coat closet/recent sewing room/soon-to-be library.


You love it, right? I love it. We love it. We are totally doing this. It’s the most perfect space to do this. Not to mention the facts that one, I’ve dreamed of having a personal library for as long as I can remember; two, we have approximately 8 million books in the house; and three, I kind of want to be a librarian when I grow up (and now I don’t have to wait, or even go back to college). Plus, the kids have been making all kinds of unreasonable demands for ridiculously complicated and architecturally unattainable “book nooks” or some such and when we showed them our plan they pretty much freaked out with happiness and excitement. And Dave loves it because it’s a project that doesn’t have to do with a sewing room or a sewing table or sewing. It’s a win win win win.

Spoiler alert! – We’ve already begun and the hard part’s over. Here’s a sneak peak at the progress, but I’m going to do a full project post by month end because that is the deadline for project completion here. Really. It will be done by the end of the month. Gawd. I’ve threatened to melon baller one of my eyeballs out if it’s not. I’m crocheting myself a sweet eye patch just in case.

Again, spoiler alert! – we removed the giant, old, didn’t make sense, inefficient, terribly installed, cold cold window (by we, I mean Dave); and replaced it with this awesomeness we happened upon at Ballard Consignment. Totes adorbs, right?


We’ll talk next Thursday!

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2 Responses to Happy January!

  1. Bobbi Collyer says:

    I’m so excited for you! I’m happy to see the email letting me know you’d posted, I thought about you over the holidays. :)

  2. Chris says:

    You are an amazing family, Kelli!

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