I have a new website!


So, I just linked this blog that you’re reading here, up with my new website! My website is called Modern Making and it’s kind of a way for me to feel a little more organized about my creative endeavors because I can keep all my info in one place that makes a little more sense to me. One piece of it is this blog so when you visit the blog page on my website, you’ll actually be visiting this blog. I’m making a few changes too. Like, consolidating my two Etsy shops into one; moving my free crochet patterns from my blog to their own page on my website, and probably some other stuff too.


In other news, the library is coming along nicely. In fact, we are on track to finish this weekend. Only things left are trim, light, and floor. So far, I’ve been able to resist the urge to put all our books in there. We are allowing the paint on the shelves to fully cure so the books don’t get stuck to it. It’s been quite an effort, as I am totally the person who puts stuff all over paint as soon as it’s dry to the touch; which basically means it’s not even dry. I’m respecting this project by not doing that this time. Here’s a little peak. Don’t worry, I’ll put 800 or so pics of the whole process up hopefully next week. Yay!

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