Kid Cape How-To

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This is my third kid cape. I made these two for the girls for this last Christmas. Kid capes are super easy and fast to make. Here goes…

First, you’ll need a half yard of fabric, about two yards of ric rac, a scrap of felt, thread, and Velcro.

DSC_0015 (Small)

Take your fabric

DSC_0013 (Small)

Fold it in half so the fold is on the short side

DSC_0014 (Small)

Cut it in half along the fold

DSC_0016 (Small)

Place the two pieces right sides together

DSC_0017 (Small)

Fold both pieces in half so the fold is on the long side

DSC_0018 (Small)

Cut a piece out of all layers, like this

DSC_0019 (Small)

Unfold the fabric so that you have two pieces, right sides together again. The curved notch you cut is for the neck of the kid.

DSC_0020 (Small)

Cut out the kid’s first initial from a piece of felt (I cut two because I didn’t know what case to do – I decided on the big one)

DSC_0021 (Small)

Then, pin the letter to the right side of one of the fabric pieces. It should be fairly centered.

DSC_0022 (Small)

Sew the letter onto the fabric

DSC_0023 (Small)

Now’s the time to adhere the fastener to the cape, according to the package directions (I got the iron-on kind).

DSC_0024 (Small)

be sure to place a hook fastener piece on the corner of the top fabric piece,

DSC_0026 (Small)

and a loop fastener piece on the opposite corner of the bottom fabric piece

DSC_0025 (Small)

Place both of the fabric pieces together, with right sides facing and begin to pin the ric rac around three sides of the cape (not the notch side) by slipping the ric rac between the two pieces of fabric, along the edge

DSC_0027 (Small)

DSC_0028 (Small)

Begin and end the ric rac on each upper corner of the cape like this, so the ric rac sticks out of the cape a little

DSC_0029 (Small)

Sew the two fabric pieces together around all sides to form the cape, but leave a gap a few inches long at the center of the neck part of the notched area (this is where you’ll turn the whole thing right side out after sewing – the photo shows it already turned right side out)

DSC_0032 (Small)

And there it is – a kid cape

DSC_0031 (Small)

DSC_0033 (Small)

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