One day to move

So the past week or so has been hard core moving…packing,loading, cleaning, crying, fixing, getting rid of, deciding, Christmas, more loading, hoping, planning, more cleaning, more fixing, painting…


Oh, and BTW, we have too much stuff.


This was when I was still having fun with the whole moving process. That ships has since sailed.


It’s a good thing the PODS were picked up already because setting them on fire was looking like an appealing option. Not really. I hate getting in trouble. Seriously though, burning everything to the ground would make this move a lot simpler.


Also, I don’t recommend loading a POD alone. Approximately half of this tower of stuff fell on me before I roped it off.


Christmas was not a disaster. Thank god for other people’s grandmas who have their own cotton candy machines on Christmas Eve.


And also, thank baby Jesus for wonderful friends who bring Christmas dinner fixings over on Christmas Day and actually cook all day for us while we work away on last minute stuff. Seriously, how do we keep making friends like these. I’m in awe. Did I mention we haven’t seen the kids in days because as soon as sh*t got really real and our house was no fun, said friends took them away to have all kinds of post holiday fun at their house? With a pet hedgehog to bathe, even?!

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  1. Chris Thomas says:

    I love you guys so much! I love your friends for loving and taking care of you! I know they are more like family than friends and are so hard to leave behind! I am over-the-moon excited that you all will be home soon…

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